Info for Twitter Chat Organizers

To participate in #JapanLife:

1.  During your chat on the week of 3/27 – 4/2, tweet about #JapanLife. Could be as simple as “Check out the other tweet chats & blogs participating in #JapanLife here

2.  Optional:  Many chats are even selecting Japanese Themes for that week, but we realize you may already have your calendar in place.

2.  Email an image of your logo & link to your chat’s website to:

3. Optional:  Add the #JapanLife logo to your chat website or facebook page for that week. (Cut and paste logo code below)


4. Feel free to promote your participation as you see fit.

We will:

1.  Add your chat logo with link to our participating chat calendar.

2. Promote #JapanLife throughout the social media sphere.

3. Cross promote your chat by sending out a newsletter to all bloggers participating of the chats & vice versa

*Note:  Donations may be made directly to the Red Cross by clicking the bar on the home page under the flag, which will take you to the Red Cross’ site.


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