Info for Bloggers

To participate in #JapanLife:

1.  On your blog during the week of 3/27 – 4/2, write a post about something you love or admire about Japanese lifestyle or culture.  Including the #JapanLife widget below.

2.  Email your logo & link to your post to:

3.  OPTIONAL:  Add the JapanLife logo to your website or facebook page (copy & paste code below onto your site) – feel free to remove it after the week is out.


4.  Feel free to promote your #JapanLife involvement anywhere you wish.

We will:

1.  Add your blog logo with link to your post in our blog roster.

2. Promote #JapanLife throughout the social media sphere.

3. Cross promote your chat by sending out a newsletter to all bloggers participating of the chats & vice versa.

*Note:  Donations may be made directly to the Red Cross by clicking the bar on the home page under the flag, which will take you to the Red Cross’ site.


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