#JapanLife 3/27 – 4/2

March 19, 2011 § 2 Comments

Lots of Easy Ways to Participate!

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Help Japan Blossom – Ways to Give to Japan

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From Kimberly at the Beehive Blog:

I had the most amazing conversation on Sunday with a most amazing lady – Donna Tokugawa from The Taste of Tea.  Donna and her husband, Nozomu, are the owners of The Taste of Tea and The Tea Docents and reached out regarding the #JapanLife initiative.

The Taste of Tea has incredible loose tea offerings and tea accessories (and I learned that I can no longer press my tea – EEK!).  Donna and Nozomu travel twice a year to Japan to meet with their organic farmers and are actually leaving in the beginning of April for Kyoto.  This is a hands on company who is intimately connected with their product – the Queen Bee loves that!

Donna contacted me to share their fundraising efforts for Japan and I am encouraging everyone to participate in Help Japan Blossom!

Every time someone orders their special Sakura Karigane tea (Cherry Blossom Tea!), ALL the profits go to Second Harvest in Japan, a Japanese on-the-ground charity that is getting food out daily to the people of Japan.

Donna and her family are contributing $10,000 and it would be amazing to raise the matching funds to send to the people of Japan!

Your Help Supports Japanese Farmers & the Japanese PeopleSakura Karigane

Sakura Karigane is a SPECIAL blend of Karigane tea – It was created before this crisis to Celebrate and Enjoy the Spring Cherry Blossom Festivals. This tea is rich in the amino acid LTheanine which makes you feel alert and CALM as well as Cherry Tree Leaves –giving you a wonderful “spring” flavor and feeling! Obviously the Spring Festivals will be seriously impacted. We hope you can enjoy and share this tea in the safety of your home.
100% of ALL PROFITS will go to the local Japanese Organization Second Harvest Japan who is on the ground and has been feeding those in need for more than 10 years. They understand the customs, the system and HOW to HELP. They will continue to provide resources long after the immediate crises has past.”
Donna explained to me that due to cultural considerations, supporting an organization like Second Harvest is very important since they understand how to reach out to the people of Japan in this time of need – they have been doing it for 10 years.

Companies like The Taste of Tea and the Tokugawa family and organizations like Second Harvest are exactly what #JapanLife is all about – giving us information about how we can help most effectively and how we can give in ways that preserve the dignity of the Japanese People.

Donna will be joining me this Saturday night for Beehive Live so tune in Saturday Night at 9pm eastern!

Follow Donna and the Taste of Tea on twitter:  @TeaDocent and   @TheTasteofTea
Follow Second Harvest on Twitter for on-the-ground updates of their relief efforts:  @2HJ_en

More about Second Harvest

Second Harvest Japan’s Disaster Relief Plan

Currently, Second Harvest Japan (2HJ) is using all of its personnel power to work on the disaster relief activity for the people in Tohoku area affected by the Pacific earthquake. Here are what we are working on now: 1) establishing the network to recruit all kinds of items we need; 2) establishing safe and secure routes to deliver needed items to the disaster victims; 3) collecting information about what exactly the disaster victims need. With your support, we will engage in the emergency disaster relief and the reconstruction assistance that will follow the emergency action.
Our Basic Plan

* 2HJ set up the Disaster Relief Office in Sendai city. The office is working to establish the logistics network of donated items for agencies and evacuation sites in Miyagi prefecture. The office also collects information about food and supplies the disaster victims need and we will keep updating the information on our website.

* 2HJ sends two large size 4-ton trucks (one non-reefer truck and one reefer truck) with emergency vehicle permits to Sendai every other day.

* Currently, many corporations and individuals donate food and supplies to 2HJ. We deliver the items up to Sendai. From Sendai, with support of local welfare agencies, our Disaster Relief Office is sending the donated items to the areas that do not receive major support yet.

This is the list of needed items by local disaster victims:http://www.2hj.org/index.php/news/send_us_food_and_supplies/